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Terra Nova Explains All Those Time-Splitting Delays

Fox opens up about just what's taken so long in getting its time-traveling sci-fi epic series Terra Nova to reach a series premiere date.

Well, it's about time. Literally! We've waited so long for the Steven Spielberg-produced sci-fi epic Terra Nova that we're about to invent time travel ourselves just to catch the season premiere.

When last we heard Terra Nova had been pushed back from its May premiere date been pushed back  to polish its special effects in time for Fall, but now The Hollywood Reporter claims that a host of other issues have belabored the production crew for the hotly anticipated series.

It seems that no only do the effects need a bit of work, but the series premiere itself hadn't shot enough footage for its two-hour runtime! Executive producer and writer turnaround had intitially prevented Fox from making a decision on the premiere's length.

Say Fox representatives, "Brannon [Braga] misjudged it at the script stage, and Alexand his script supervisor misjudged it as it was being shot." The series has also faced location difficulties from ill-timed rainstorms in Australia that interfere with shooting.

With the budget for the series' pilot already cashing in somewhere between ten and twenty million dollars, one wonders how the quality for the series might fare on a week-to-week basis, hmm?