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Alleged celebrity murder plots

Alleged celebrity murder plots
Alleged celebrity murder plots. Celebrity status may have its perks, but dealing with attempted murder is not one of them. This British soul singer recently found out first hand. See which stars have survived plots against their life.
Joss Stone
British soul singer Joss Stone may have recently escaped robbery and possible death when police arrested two men outside of her English country home in an alleged murder plot. The two men were armed with ropes, a body bag and detailed maps to the home's grounds.
N Sync
Former boy band 'N Sync's good looks and slick dance moves may have delighted teen girls, but they also drove one Tennessee boy to plan for their death. Who were the band members
Mick Jagger
According to recently revealed FBI reports, the Hell's Angels had it in for The Rolling Stones front man Mick Jagger. They allegedly planned to invade his Long Island home and kill the singer
Sandra Bullock
America's sweetheart had a big year in 2010 with her high profile divorce from Jesse James, adopting a son and winning an Oscar. Top it off with a murder threat. The FBI reports it received calls from a man claiming he was “ordered to kill” the star.
Jon Cryer
Charlie Sheen's antics nearly shut down “Two and a Half Men" for good, but when the FBI received news a hit man had been hired to kill co-star Jon Cryer, the whole cast was put on high alert. The set was even closed for a day while the FBI investigated.
Hugh Hefner
It got real when it was alleged another famous adult publisher wrote a $1 million check to an ex-security guard for the alleged killing of Playboy magnate Hugh Hefner.
Frank Sinatra
"Old Blue Eyes" made an enemy of Hustler publisher Larry Flynt when he hung out with Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner. Flynt reportedly wrote a check for the killing of Sinatra and Hefner in 1983, but the whole thing could have been a joke.
Randy Quaid
Randy Quaid and wife Evi ran to Canada seeking “refugee status” to escape alleged
“Hollywood star whackers," a plot they said involved the murder of several celebrities.
Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus and her "Hanna Montana" fans escaped death when FBI agents caught a 16-year-old boy attempting to highjack a plane in Nashville. The teen allegedly planned to crash the plane into Cyrus' Lafayette, La. concert.