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Gay Pride Month

Gay Pride Month
Gay Pride Month. On June 2, 2000, President Bill Clinton proclaimed June to be Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, citing the Stonewall uprising in June 1969 that gave birth to the gay and lesbian rights movement. Calling on the nation to "work together to promote equal rights for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity," President Barack Obama issued a similar proclamation June 1, 2009.
In past years, a long list of celebrities, athletes, politicians and television personalities have opened up about their sexual orientation. Here's how some notable and talented people told the world. 

Evan Rachel Wood
"True Blood" star Evan Rachel Wood joined a host of celebs who have come out of the closet when she announced in April that she is bisexual. Read about it here. 
Don Lemon
An anchor for this 24-hour news network, Don Lemon announced last month that he is gay. Find out more and watch him discuss it. 
Rick Welts
President and CEO of this NBA team and co-founder of the WNBA, Rick Welts did something rare in the world of sports last month: He came out as a gay man. Find out more and watch news coverage. 
Scott Norton
Scott Norton, a professional player in professional bowling, is thought to have become the first active athlete in professional sports to reveal his homosexuality. Read more about it here. 
Geri Jewell
Former TV star, Geri Jewell, revealed that she is a lesbian in her new book, "I'm Walking as Straight as I Can", which also delves into her money problems and struggles with a disorder.
Jonathan Knight
He was every young girl's dream guy in the late '80s as a member of one of the hottest boy bands. Early this year, the former pop star came out as a gay man. Read more about it, and watch him perform. 
Sara Gilbert
Former sitcom star Sara Gilbert officially came out as a lesbian last year. Read more about it. 
Ricky Martin
Ending years of speculation, the Puerto Rican pop singer announced he was a gay man on his blog in March.
Mary Cheney
The daughter of a staunch Republican former vice president, Cheney almost quit her job as campaign adviser in the 2004 presidential campaign over her sexuality.
Chely Wright
The country singer announced she was a lesbian last year, apparently to the surprise of many who know her, including her famous former boyfriend. Watch her music videos and see photos.
Sheryl Swoopes
In 2005, this pro women's basketball player and MVP came out as a lesbian in a popular sports magazine, where she called life in the closet "miserable"
Neil Patrick Harris
Though he will likely always be known as the little genius on "Doogie Howser, M.D.", he propelled his career even further with the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother", which started in 2006, just one year after he came out as a gay man
Meredith Baxter
This famous '80s "Family Ties" mom and real-life mother of five revealed in late 2009 that she is attracted to women
T.R. Knight
The Minneapolis native and former "Grey's Anatomy" hot doc confirmed he was gay in 2006. Why did he leave "Grey's"?
Esera Tuaolo
In a rare event, the former NFL player came out in 2002 on HBO's "Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel" and has since served as a board member of the Gay and Lesbian Athletics Foundation. 
George Takei
Best known as Mr. Sulu on the original "Star Trek" series, the actor, who spent his childhood in a Japanese-American internment camp, came out in 2005. 
Sean Hayes
He played the gay character Jack McFarland on "Will & Grace", and after confirming last year he is in fact a homosexual, he said he'd "never" been in the closet
Adam Lambert
The "American Idol" Season 8 runner-up confirmed his sexuality on the cover of Rolling Stone last year and is credited with becoming the first openly gay mainstream artist to launch a career with a major U.S. label.
Billie Jean King
Once married to a man, this former women's tennis champ was the first professional women's athlete to come out as a lesbian
Suze Orman
The financial guru announced in 2007 that she was a lesbian, calling herself a "55-year-old virgin"
Kelly McGillis
The Hollywood actress who starred opposite this famous actor in "Top Gun" said she had struggled with her sexuality since the age of 12, finally telling the public at 51 that she was a lesbian
David Hyde Pierce
As Niles on "Frasier", he was infatuated with his father's housekeeper, Daphne, but in real life he confirmed in 2007 his sexuality and longtime relationship with television writer-producer Brian Hargrove 
Portia de Rossi
Born Amanda Lee Rogers, the Australian actress is married to talk show host and funnywoman Ellen DeGeneres and credits her wife for supporting her choice to come out. 
Lady Gaga
Last year the ubiquitous superstar announced that she has had intimate relationships with both men and women. View a gallery of her outfits.
Clay Aiken
The "American Idol" runner-up came out as a gay man when he appeared on the cover of People magazine in 2008 holding his newborn son, saying, "I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things."
Anna Paquin
The "True Blood" star is married to her vampire-playing co-star, Stephen Moyer, and dropped a bombshell last year when she revealed she is bisexual 
Rachel Maddow
The host of MSNBC's "The Rachel Maddow Show" is the first outed lesbian to host a prime-time news show in the United States. 
Rosie O'Donnell
An often controversial and outspoken comedian, Rosie O'Donnell said she was a lesbian in a television interview in 2002
Ellen DeGeneres
The popular talk show host famously came out on her sitcom in 1997 and on the cover of Time magazine the same year
Barney Frank
A congressional Democrat who represents the 4th District of the Bay State, Frank made his sexuality public in 1987, after six years as an elected representative 
John Berry
Nominated by President Barack Obama to head the Office of Personnel Management, he is the highest-ranking openly gay official in the administration.