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World's most eligible bachelors

World's most eligible bachelors
World's most eligible bachelors. A major movie star – and long-time bachelor – recently split with his model love. Check out men from around the world who are still on the market.
James Franco
Age: 33

From: Palo Alto, Calif.

Who is he? This guy does it all. He's an actor, film director, author, painter and teacher.
Rafael Nadal
Age: 24

From: Spain

Who is he? King of the clay court, Rafael Nadal has proven prowess on all court surfaces with his Grand Slam wins. He showed his sexy side in a music video for a Latin pop star
Prince Carl Philip
Age: 32

From: Sweden

Who is he? Second in line to the throne, Prince Carl Philip lives an active lifestyle. He has competed in a cross-country ski race and a luxury car racing series
Kal Penn
Age: 34

From: Montclair, N.J.

Who is he? Actor Kal Penn conquered the big and small screens in Hollywood, but Tinseltown couldn't hold him. His work in Barack Obama's presidential campaign opened doors to his new gig in Washington, D.C.
George Clooney
Age: 50

From: Lexington, Ky.
Who is he? Confirmed bachelor George Clooney has taken enough time off from the beautiful women in his life to win a Golden Globe Award and an Academy Award, among others. He also devotes his time to humanitarian efforts, which earned him another award.
Curtis Stone
Age: 35

From: Australia

Who is he? Celebrity chef Curtis Stone found that the fastest way to his fans' hearts was through their stomachs. His culinary skills have been showcased on several television shows
Josh Groban
Age: 30

From: Los Angeles

Who is he? Singer-songwriter Josh Groban has released four multiplatinum albums and has been bit by the acting bug. He's known for his beautiful tenor voice
Prince Harry
Age: 26

From: England

Who is he? Now that older brother William is off the market, Prince Harry fills the role of most eligible British royal bachelor. Third in line to the throne, he serves in the British Army and is involved in several humanitarian efforts.
Jamie Foxx
Age: 43

From: Terrell, Texas
Who is he? Multitalented Jamie Foxx found success in music, television, stand-up comedy and film, winning an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award
Apolo Anton Ohno
Age: 29

From: Federal Way, Wash.

Who is he? An eight-time Olympic medalist, speed skater Apolo Ohno is the most decorated American Winter Olympics athlete. He hit the reality-TV circuit with his win on "Dancing With the Stars"
Mark Zuckerberg
Age: 27

From: White Plains, N.Y.

Who is he? One of the world's youngest billionaires, Facebook co-founder and current CEO/President Mark Zuckerberg signed "the Giving Pledge" and has donated $100 million to Newark, N.J.'s public schools, among other philanthropic efforts. Time magazine named him its 2010 Person of the Year.
Billy Currington
Age: 37

From: Savannah, Ga.
Who is he? Country music crooner Billy Currington landed 11 Top 40 hits, including his latest single. In 2009, he started a relief organization to bring aid to Central American countries in need.
Ryan Gosling
Age: 30

From: Ontario, Canada
Who is he? Ryan Gosling showed his romantic side with his now ex-girlfriend in a popular romantic drama. He will co-star with a fellow eligible bachelor in his next film, "Crazy, Stupid, Love."
Prince Félix
Age: 26

From: Luxembourg

Who is he? Second in line to the throne, Prince Félix is studying for his master's degree in bioethics at a school in Rome. He maintains a low profile but is frequently spotted on the ski slopes and at polo matches
Jamie Johnson
Age: 30-something

From: New Jersey
Who is he? Documentary filmmaker Jamie Johnson made his directorial debut with a film that told the stories of 10 of the richest young people in America. The film also looked at his own life as the heir to a Fortune 500 company
Age: 39

From: Chicago
Who is he? Grammy Award-winning hip-hop artist Common, known for his politically charged lyrics, is not afraid to speak his mind through his music (watch him perform). He's made appearances on the silver screen
Reggie Love
Age: 29

From: North Carolina
Who is he? Known as the president's "body man," Reggie Love started his career in politics in then Sen. Barack Obama's office. His collegiate basketball experience has helped him in his one-on-one games with the president
Leonardo DiCaprio
Age: 36

From: Los Angeles
Who is he? Leonardo DiCaprio's love life is almost as famous as his acting career. The Golden Globe-winning actor is heavily involved in environmental activism.
Andrea Casiraghi
Age: 26

From: Monaco
Who is he? The grandson of European royalty and Hollywood royalty, Andrea Casiraghi is second in line to the throne. He made the 1999 list of the World's Most Beautiful People, but he's not just a pretty face. He earned a master's degree in international affairs.
Blake Mycoskie
Age: 34

From: Texas
Who is he? Blake Mycoskie built a successful shoe business using nontraditional business practices. His "One for One" program allowed the company to give more than 1 million pairs of shoes to children in need