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Children of politicians

Politicians' kids' troubles
Last month, the governor of Missouri's 21-year-old son was charged with possessio. He's not the only politician's kid to be accused of breaking the law. Whether it's DUIs, drugs, battery, sexual misconduct or smuggling illegal immigrants, we look at some past misdeeds committed by politicians' children.

Ashley Biden

The politician: Vice President Joe Biden (D)

The daughter: Ashley Biden

The trouble: Biden was arrested twice: once in 1999 and again in in 2002. In the latter incident, a policewoman reported that a bottle was thrown at her from the crowd. When she moved to confront the culprit, Ashley allegedly had an incident with a police offer. See her alleged actions.

The punishment: Was she convicted?
John Boyd

The politician: Former congressman Allen Boyd (D)

The son: John Boyd

The trouble: In 2008, Boyd was caught smuggling at the Arizona-Mexico border. A search of his car turned up other illegal items.

The punishment: Boyd pleaded guilty. What was his punishment?
Danny L. Burton II

The politician: Congressman Dan Burton (R)

The son: Danny L. Burton II

The trouble: In 1994, when Burton was 18, he was arrested with 7 pounds of marijuana and charged with possession with the intent to distribute. The charges were dropped. Six months later, he was arrested again, this time in his Indianapolis apartment. What did police find?

The punishment: Federal and Indiana state attorneys decided not to prosecute Burton, but a Louisiana judge was unmoved. What was his punishment?
Bush daughters

The politician: President George W. Bush (R)

The daughters: Jenna Hager and Barbara Bush

The trouble: In 2001 the twin sisters found themselves making headlines after police cited them for misrepresenting their ages in an attempt to purchase alcohol at a famous Tex-Mex restaurant in Austin, Texas. They were 19 at the time, and 21 is the legal drinking age in Texas.

The punishment: Both pleaded not guilty, and their cases were dismissed after their punishments were fulfilled. What did they have to do?
Noelle Bush

The politician: Gov. Jeb Bush (R)

The daughter: Noelle Bush

The trouble: In 2002 Noelle Bush was arrested for prescription drug fraud. She left several messages on a pharmacist's machine, posing as Dr. Noelle Scidmore. What drugs did she want?

The punishment: Bush was sentenced to mandatory drug treatment. While in the program she was found with hard drugs and finally wound up in prison
Caroline Giuliani

The politician: Rudy Giuliani (R)

The daughter: Caroline Giuliani

The trouble: In 2010, Caroline Giuliani was arrested at a New York City cosmetics store. A security camera caught her shoplifting.

The punishment: She was charged with petit larceny. What was her sentence?
Al Gore III

The politician: Former Vice President Al Gore (D)

The son: Al Gore III

The trouble: In 2007, the younger Gore was stopped by police for speeding.After allegedly smelling marijuana, the officers searched the vehicle and found a portable pharmacy full of drugs.

The punishment: Gore pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana and the prescription drugs. What was his sentence?
Alexandra Kerry

The politician: Sen. John Kerry (D)

The daughter: Alexandra Kerry

The trouble: In 2009 Alexandra Kerry was pulled over by police and failed a field sobriety test. She refused a Breathalyzer and was taken back to the police station for testing. Did she pass?

The punishment: Based on her test results, prosecutors made a decision before the case came to trial. What happened?
D'Anne Leigh Mica

The politician: Congressman John Mica (R)

The daughter: D'Anne Leigh Mica

The trouble: Driving home from a Mexican restaurant in 2010, D'Anne Leigh Mica was pulled over by police and admitted to having had cocktails.

The punishment: Despite the evidence, Mica's attorney challenged the legality of the traffic stop. What happened?
Jeffrey Rush

The politician: Congressman Bobby Rush (D)

The son: Jeffrey Rush

The trouble: Jeffrey Rush was head of security at a halfway house for women. In 2007 he arranged to have sex with an inmate off-site. He was found guilty of sexual misconduct and sentenced to 30 months' probation, but kept his job. Why did he lose it a year later?

The punishment: A grand jury handed down multiple counts of official misconduct, but in a deal with prosecutors, Rush pleaded guilty to only a few counts. What was his sentence?