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Frugal celebrities

Frugal celebrities
 Frugal celebrities.Call them frugal. Call them tightwads. Some celebrities are thoughtful savers and others may even be seen as stingy. In honor of Frugal Day, we look at some famous people who know how to pinch pennies.
Kristen Bell, Frugal celebrities
Kristen Bell's  breakout TV show put her career into high gear, but she actually got her start on Broadway. A starring role in a romantic comedy raised her stock even higher.

Warren BuffettFrugal celebrities

Warren Buffett could hardly be called stingy . If you need a little investment advice, you might find a few tips in his book.

Mariah CareyFrugal celebrities

Carey dominated the charts in the '90s . The new mom is reportedly going back to work.
John CaudwellFrugal celebrities

The English billionaire (sold his business in 2006 . His current partner is a former model.
Bill CosbyFrugal celebrities

Cosby's career spans from brilliant standup to one of America's favorite TV shows . In 2009, he won a prestigious award, and this year he took home a very different kind of honor.
Teri HatcherFrugal celebrities

Former NFL cheerleader and "Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher will soon be looking for a new job. Whom is she dating these days?

Mick JaggerFrugal celebrities

Poor Mick Jagger . He's worth $265 million, but his ex-wife says he was a real tightwad. The 68-year-old rocker's latest music endeavor is sans Stones .
LeBron JamesFrugal celebrities

The Miami Heat star  and Olympic medalist was booed in a recent exhibition game in Philadelphia. James  bought a house with his girlfriend last year.
Jay LenoFrugal celebrities

"Tonight Show" host Jay Leno  says he's tightfisted, but he still manages to maintain one pricey hobby. What did he argue with Michele Bachmann about recently?
MadonnaFrugal celebrities

Madonna  has reinvented herself so many times you wonder if she can even remember who Louise Ciccone is. And what's with her love/hate relationship with hydrangeas?

Robert PattinsonFrugal celebrities

He may be a hottie blood-sucker, but Robert Pattinson is a soft touch for his rumored co-star love interest. Read about a recent scuffle.
Sean PennFrugal celebrities

After a whirlwind romance with a much younger actress, Penn has a new woman in his life. The actor had a role in the recent release of two Americans from an Iranian jail.
Jeremy PivenFrugal celebrities

Piven got his TV start on an HBO comedy show and has appeared in quite a few movies . The "Entourage" star  was recently the butt of a Jane Lynchjoke.
Azim PremjiFrugal celebrities

This Indian billionaire turned a cooking oil business into a global technology services giant. He has been recognized as a leader in education through the work of his foundation.

Rachael RayFrugal celebrities

TV chef Ray  came by her trade naturally – her family owned several restaurants . In the mood to try something new? Browse her recipes.
Queen ElizabethFrugal celebrities

In addition to picking up most of the tab for the royal wedding this past summer (how much was that?), Queen Elizabeth  made royal cutbacks recently .

Britney SpearsFrugal celebrities

Britney Spears'  Mouse Club days are far behind her . The little girl in this video grew up to be the woman in this one.

Barbra StreisandFrugal celebrities

The entertainment diva by which all others must be measured, Streisand (photos) has garnered Grammys, Oscars, Emmys and a Tony in her long career . She released her 33rd studio album in August.
UsherFrugal celebrities

Usher released his first album as a teenager . Fifteen years later, he helped jump-start the career of another young artist.
Tiger WoodsFrugal celebrities

Could it get any worse for Tiger Woods ? Probably. Some of his alleged mistresses say he was an extreme cheapskate – and his game has been off for some time.