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Greatest cover songs

Greatest cover songs
Greatest cover songs.Cover songs can be an homage to the original artist or a chance to put a new spin on a classic, and the popular musical TV show "Glee" debuts a new one almost every week.We've rounded up some of the best noteworthy covers from musicians spanning several genres.

Though it wasn't the first rendition of the song, this brother and sister duo made "Superstar" a chart topper . Sonic Youth's cover of this song was included in a 2007 hit indie movie 

'You Really Got Me'
This song was a breakthrough hit for a British Invasion band and captured the No. 82 spot on a credible list of the 500 greatest songs of all time. Van Halen's cover helped jump-start the band's career.

'I Will Always Love You'
Written about a country music legend by the self-proclaimed "backwoods Barbie," this song has appeared in two blockbuster movies . Whitney Houston's version became one of the few songs to sell more than 12 million copies worldwide.

'Big Yellow Taxi'
Known for its environmentally conscious lyrics,this song was inspired by the contrast of the luscious landscape and urban spread in a picturesque state. Legendary folk singer Joni Mitchell had moderate success with the song, but the Counting Crows landed the song in the Top 20 Billboard charts.

'Knocking on Heaven's Door'
Originally recorded as an acoustic song by an iconic '60s singer-songwriter,the song's lyrics have been changed several times. Hard rock band Guns N' Roses covered the song for a 1990 car-race movie.

'Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds'
Rumored to be code for an illegal substanc supposedly used by the original legendary artists, the song was banned by the BBC. Elton John recorded a cover of the song with the original songwriter on background vocals and guitar.

'Walk This Way'
Inspired by a line in a 1974 spoof movie, "Walk This Way" has become a signature song for a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band. Run-D.M.C. collaborated on the song with two members of the original band to introduce a new rap rock genre.

A hauntingly beautiful blend of folk rock and gospel, "Hallelujah" was written with 80 verses  by a Canadian singer-songwriter . Jeff Buckley's nearly seven-minute version gained the singer chart success years after his death

Written by this British-American band's lead singer at a crossroads in her life, the song was showcased on a popular musical television show .The Dixie Chicks' cover of the song reached the top 10 on the country and pop charts.

'Twist and Shout'
Originally titled "Shake It Up Baby" , the song found early success with a '60s doo-wop group. The Beatles' cover of the song was a chart topper on their debut record.

'Proud Mary'
Written by the vocal frontman for one of the Woodstock headlining bands,"Proud Mary" earned a Grammy Hall of Fame Award for the original artist and the famous cover. Tina Turner, first covering the song with then-husband Ike ,later turned the song into one of her biggest hits as a solo artist.

The signature song for an iconic country music star ,"Crazy" was written by an Outlaw musician known for his bandanna and braids.With vocals compared to the original artist, LeAnn Rimes covered the song and sang it for a former president and his wife.

'With a Little Help From My Friends'
Lead vocals for "With a Little Help From My Friends" were performed by the drummer for the Fab Four. Joe Cocker performed his cover at Woodstock, and the song was the opening theme song of a popular coming-of-age TV show.

"Hurt" was released as a promotional track for a Grammy Award-winning alternative rock band. As Johnny Cash's last recorded song before his death,the song serves as a summation of the struggles throughout his life.

'The Man Who Sold the World'
"The Man Who Sold the World" marked the start of the glam rock era with this British rocker leading the charge. Grunge band Nirvana performed an acoustic version of the song during their appearance on "MTV Unplugged," and the song became a regular in their live shows.

'Bring the Noise'
The lyrics for "Bring the Noise" include a shout-out by an influential rap group to artists Run-D.M.C. and LL Cool J. Anthrax recorded a version of the song with the rap group's leader and created one of the first rap metal songs.

'I Will Survive'
An anthem for women's strength , "I Will Survive" became one of the most famous disco songs and the biggest hit for this disco queen. Cake produced a cover of the song with the band's distinctive half-sung, half-spoken style.

This country singer and actress wrote "Jolene," about a woman who was flirting with her husband. Recently split, the garage rock duo the White Stripes released a live version of the song.

'When You Say Nothing at All'
"When You Say Nothing at All" was one of five consecutive No. 1 hits in the '80s for this country singer. Bluegrass singer Alison Krauss  recorded the song on a tribute album  to the original artist, and the song was her first top 10 hit.